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"...Sentences are short. Sparse. Raw. Not a complex one among them. Hemingway on a stroke...." 

Literary Titan

"It is a brilliant collection. The stories are like little bits of literary joy, easy to digest in small bits while traveling. Robert D. Rice has a way of sculpting the English language that is simple yet brilliant. The result is a hilarious and charmingly witty book that readers are bound to enjoy."

Gina Rae Mitchell

"I enjoyed pondering the storylines, characters, and scenarios presented in Burn Marks. I can say the creative license of fiction allows for some awesome “what-if’s."


Donovan's Literary Services

"...The five short stories in Burn Marks defy neat categorization, so suffice it to say that readers of good literature who enjoy diverse tales of historical fiction, psychological growth and suspense, and humor will find each story packed with food for thought and delightfully well crafted characters based on real-world dilemmas: a combination of approaches that results in superior reads easily digested, but not easily forgotten." 

Cheryl Holloway

“A well-written, well-developed and well-thought out book that creates strong emotions and feelings for the main characters from sympathy to sadness to disgust. Robert D. Rice II is a great writer… I rate the book: 4 out of 5 stars”

Dog-Eared Reviews (dot) com

"The stories are well written with a spin. Each story surprising because of the quick twists and turns. They are great quick reads."


A Woman's

 “…Robert has garnered awards for his screenplays, is, with Burn Marks, entering the realm of historical fiction and rightfully claiming his place in that genre. He is both skilled and comfortable putting a “play within a play.” His creative gifts include the ability to build new scenarios out of timeworn news, and the drive to delve deeply into the human psyche.…” 

Barbara B. Scott  (editor)

The Coffee Pot Book Club

"I have awarded Burn Marks The Coffee Pot Book Club Book Award (5 Stars). Congratulations! What a wonderful collection of stories. I throughly enjoyed it!"

Mary Anne Yarde (editor)

"[Ethel] A lovely story." Jewish Heritage Center of Western Canada






The Readers

“I read it straight through when I received it… The format you are using is replete with promise. Your writing is crisp; it moves and grabs.”     

Dr. Neil Browne

Bowling Green State University 


“What a read! Finished (the book) almost right away..Brilliant idea to take pieces of history and interweave them with wonderful subjects…We have read every day for 70 years, but nothing like yours. You are on your way to an outstanding future.”  

Richard—retired New Jersey police detective. 

"What an idea, to use historical events and turn them into stories with in-depth characters, fascinating!" Mary--the thinking housewife.

"I absolutely loved the book." 

Teresa--NJ public school executive.

"Exactly the sort of book I enjoy." 101.9 CHAI-FM South Africa

 "You don't have to be a history buff to love this book."  


" Stories told differently from what I was accustomed to. It is a real page turner. I was hooked after reading the excerpts from each story."